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Explus supplies fishing lodges and outfitters in Canada’s north with essential purchasing, shipping, and freight forwarding services, as well as meet & greet and shuttling of their guests. Our knowledge of Manitoba and central Canada gives us a distinct operational advantage, offering true peace of mind and assurance.

Lodge Services

Now is the time to secure the Explus Advantage for your upcoming operating season, and add that special touch for your guests..

Tracking & Reporting Software

This year we have taken our communication, tracking, and reporting to the next level. Working with the system engineers at Smartsheet.com we have designed a system that communicates between all stakeholders and offers numerous options for tracking and reporting.

As smartsheet.com is a cloud based collaboration software solution, you can be assured that data lives in one place and in one easy to use format that can be viewed and shared between relevant parties at any time. Permission levels, notification and alert options, all put you in the driver’s seat for what you want to see/ share with whom and how often!

Explus is the hub and with 20 years of experience we feel this solution includes the main expediting functions and takes into consideration all of the stakeholders who also need this information to be successful in providing services to our Lodge clients…. READ MORE

Guest Meet & Greet

For that special touch and to allow us to assist with coordinating groups and luggage, one of our expediting staff will meet your guest upon arrival and ensure they are checked in at the hotel and their luggage collected as needed.

Shuttle & Ground Transportation

With a 32 passenger Bus, 18 passenger Shuttle bus, 15 passenger van and enclosed trailer, Explus is able to provide safe and timely ground transportation for individuals and groups. Typically this consists of meeting your staff or guests at Winnipeg’s James Richardson International Airport and shuttling them to their charter departure point or to a pre-booked hotel. We can also pick your people up from the hotel in the morning and get them to their charter – and take care of their baggage as well.

If you need customized ground transportation outside the scope of what we’ve described above, just let us know!

Guest Pre-Trip Welcome Event

In partnership with The Four Points Hotel and The Grand Hotel we can plan a pre-trip get together to welcome your guests to Winnipeg and give them a chance to get to know each other before they fly to your lodge.

Charter Management

We will ensure the plane departs in a timely manner with the right people, bags, and freight on board. You can count on us to direct the carrier and ground handlers to ensure you get what you need when you need it.

Supply Chain Management

Most remote businesses are at least a few hours away from any kind of urban centre – most of which will be small and lacking in retailers. Explus can source what you need, purchase it, and get it to your location in an efficient and cost-effective way that saves you valuable time and money.

And with purchasing experience at over 150 different suppliers we can find even hard to get and unique items. Motor oil, hose clamps, stove elements, ATV tires, boat props, toilet paper, water filters, spirits and beer – if you need it, we’ll get it to you.

Freight Forwarding

So you can get the package from Point A to Point B, but need someone to keep it moving to Point C or beyond? Items can be shipped to our office to be forwarded to their final destination, or picked up at any of the major shipping companies and arrangements made to send them on the next leg of their journey.

Guest Services

From helping you book your flight,  Shipping ahead,  to picking up that forgotten item.  Let Explus help you enjoy a smooth worry free trip..

Flight Arrangements

Complete destination management services. We will put you in touch with Jaye Lynn Cadzow of Travel Professionals International to arrange reliable air transportation to and from your primary destination; and if your landing point is Winnipeg we can either provide or arrange for whatever ground transportation you may need.


Personal Shopping

Contact us to pre order your goods for your trip such as liquor, cigars, outpost grocery orders, etc. We can purchase anything you need in advance and have it waiting for you at your Hotel when you arrive.

Luggage Shipping

These days it’s getting harder than ever and more expensive to check your rod cases and large bags and deal with the problems that come with lost luggage. We can help you ship your luggage to us in advance via UPS and have your bags waiting for you at the Hotel when you arrive. We can also ship your luggage back to you.

Entertainment Packages
Have you considered coming into Winnipeg a day early or first thing in the morning to take in some of the great activities and venues Winnipeg has to offer? With advanced notice, we can provide an entertainment package including ground transportation to one of our select partners including:

  1. Cat Fishing
  2. Ice Fishing
  3. Museum of Human Rights
  4. Goldeyes Baseball
  5. The Forks
  6. Casinos of Winnipeg
  7. Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  8. Restaurant
  9. Spa & Shopping

Ask Which Events Are Available During Your Trip


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