Expeditors Plus is dedicated to being the biggest ‘little’ company in the industry, and is continually working towards improving its services and operations. To this end, we have created our new PLUS-Plan that outlines our objectives in every key area of our services.
Environment Plus
Expeditors Plus is committed to being the best remote camp service provider while adopting policies which reduce our environmental footprint and support our clients’ environmental objectives. Our efforts are genuine long term commitments to operate in an environmentally and economically positive approach. As we move forward we continue to look for ways to incorporate our commitments into our day to day operations.
Our policy applies across all our areas of operation. We include our commitments into our daily decisions and actions, and our supplier and client relations.

  • Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products
  • and food & beverage containers
Nutrition Plus
Catering is a large part of our business and we have a responsibility to purchase wisely and feed our clients well, with healthy choices. This means purchasing high quality, organic, free range, and hormone free items whenever possible. We believe strongly in the health and economic benefits of supporting ‘Made in Manitoba’ food suppliers, and the importance of contributing to our economy.
And we believe we have a responsibility to purchase sustainably raised, grown, and farmed food items, and a responsibility to promote farm animal welfare by purchasing ethically raised products when available.

  • Fair Trade
  • Sustainably Sourced
  • Local Producers
Staff Plus
Without the hard work and dedication of our team of skilled individuals, Explus would cease to exist. And these same people are the ones who have helped this ‘little company that can’ establish such a positive reputation in our competitive industry. Therefore we are committed to ensuring we continue to hire and train the best people we can, and give them opportunities to grow and flourish in their fields.
We are proud to maintain a culturally diverse team of individuals, and actively seek to provide opportunities for those living in communities near to our operations.

  • Hire Best; Hire Locally
  • Aboriginal and Under-Represented Groups
  • Cross Cultural Training
Safety Plus
The safety of our staff and guests is paramount to our operations. We ensure that we meet and in some cases exceed the safety legislation required for our services. All of our staff receive training on safe work practices and procedures, and our manuals are updated regularly.
And our safety policies extend to the environment surrounding our operations – often operating in remote and environmentally sensitive areas, we take great care to preserve these natural areas.

  • Safety Manual to COR Certification
  • Ongoing Staff Training
Communities Plus
Because of the diversity of projects we undertake, there can be up to half a dozen or more communities within reach. Therefore we make it a priority to hire locally and to support initiatives taking place in these communities. Our outreach programs include offering work experience opportunities for youth, supporting and promoting local charities and organizations involved in animal welfare and the environment, and working with Food Matters Manitoba to promote toward healthy, fair, sustainable food for all.

  • Build Community Relationships
  • Support Not For Profit Organizations
  • Volunteering & Donations
Service Plus
Sometimes there are advantages to being a small company, and Expeditors Plus is proof. Our size enables us to maintain clear, frequent, and open communication with our clients on a first name basis.
And our attention to detail and financial responsibility help us to provide the best services at the most cost effective price.

  • First Name Service
  • Exceptional Communication
  • Most Cost Effective Price