Purchasing & Shipping

Most remote businesses are at least a few hours away from any kind of urban centre – most of which will be small and lacking in retailers. Expeditors Plus can source what you need, purchase it, and get it to your location in an efficient and cost-effective way that saves you valuable time and money.

And with purchasing experience at over 150 different suppliers we can find even hard to get and unique items. Motor oil, hose clamps, stove elements, ATV tires, boat props, toilet paper, water filters, spirits and beer – if you need it, we’ll get it to you.

Freight Forwarding

So you can get the package from Point A to Point B, but need someone to keep it moving to Point C or beyond? Items can be shipped to our office to be forwarded to their final destination, or picked up at any of the major shipping companies and arrangements made to send them on the next leg of their journey.

Destination Management

Expeditors Plus provides complete destination management services. We will put your staff & guests in touch with Jaye Lynn Cadzow of Travel Professionals International to arrange reliable air transportation for your people to and from their primary destination; and if your landing point is Winnipeg we can either provide or arrange for whatever ground transportation you may need.

In fact our company was founded on providing these benefits to Manitoba’s remote lodges, incorporating ‘meet and greet’ services with all facets of passenger and baggage handling. We understand client and air carrier requirements, as well as pertinent regulations relating to the safe and efficient movement of people and goods.

Depending on your needs Expeditors Plus can arrange your air charter needs and oversee all aspects of the chartered service, including loading of the aircraft with priority items and ensuring timely departure.

Meet and Greet

For that special touch and to allow us to assist with coordinating groups and luggage, one of our expediting staff will meet you inside the airport and escort you to our vehicle. From there you’ll be taken to the destination of your choice.

Ground Transportation

With a 32 passenger Bus, 18 passenger Shuttle bus, 15 passenger van and enclosed trailer, Expeditors Plus is able to provide safe and timely ground transportation for individuals and groups. Typically this consists of meeting your staff or guests at Winnipeg’s James Richardson International Airport and shuttling them to their charter departure point or to a pre-booked hotel. We can also pick your people up from the hotel in the morning and get them to their charter – and take care of their baggage as well.

If you need customized ground transportation outside the scope of what we’ve described above, just let us know!