Remote Camp Set-Up & Management

Expeditors Plus offers a full suite of remote camp management services, and can assist with both setup and teardown of your camp. We plan and arrange the transportation and shipping logistics to ensure you get what you need when you need it, alleviating you from the burden of unnecessary and time-consuming tasks.

Our remote camp service also includes building relationships in a prospective camp community, ordering, shipping and receiving supplies on-site, and liaising and hiring community members. Then once your camp is up and running, Expeditors Plus can provide a base of operations in Winnipeg for ordering, purchasing, shipping, receiving and tracking all of your freight.

And our on-site Camp Managers are carefully selected based on their experience and qualifications. In addition to their years of time spent managing remote camps and construction projects, our managers include licensed plumbers, electricians, and engineers.

Services & Amenities

Internet, telephone, satellite television – Expeditors Plus can source, set-up, and manage each of these services for you, efficiently and at the best negotiated price.

We will also arrange and facilitate laundry services, garbage and recycling, sewage/septic service, fuel delivery, potable water, and general maintenance and site repairs.

Our goal is to take care of all the details so that you can focus on your project with peace of mind.


We have an outstanding track record for finding detail-oriented, dedicated housekeeping staff that keep our camps spotless. We also provide our own training in addition to having our staff complete nationally recognized occupational training through emerit and the CTHRC; and we create detailed Standard Operating Practices & Procedures for each camp to ensure quality and consistency in our housekeeping department.

Expeditors Plus maintains a strong ‘hire local’ policy in each of its departments, drawing from Aboriginal and non-aboriginal communities near its operations.

And for the safety of the environment, our guests, and our staff, we are switching to ‘green’ cleaning products everywhere possible.


At Expeditors Plus we believe it takes quality ingredients along with quality chefs to create exceptional food. Our professionally trained Catering Staff take pride in creating healthy, nutritious and satisfying meals.

And it shows – we’ve had well-travelled guests who tell us our food is some of the best they’ve had at any camp on the continent!

Flexible menu planning allows us to easily accommodate those with special food requests due to allergies or medical needs, and work within your project’s budget.

Expeditors Plus believes we have a responsibility to purchase wisely and feed our clients well, while supporting local economies and properly grown food. We intentionally source locally produced, organic, and ethically raised ingredients whenever possible.

Health, Safety, and Environment

We are keenly aware that we sometimes operate in environmentally sensitive areas, and with equipment that has the potential to cause injury to our staff and guests – and we take these responsibilities to heart.

For our remote operations we create a customized Health, Safety and Environment Plan specific to that site; that corroborates with our client’s objectives; and that meets or exceeds legislative requirements.

Our primary Safety Plan has been developed to meet COR Certification, and our staff receive ongoing training to ensure safe work practices. And environmentally we continue to switch to ‘greener’ products and practices, both at our Head Office and at our remote work sites with the intent to be leaders in our industry.